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Who are we?

Australian Risk Management Solutions (Ausrisk) is a leading provider of Occupational Health and Safety consultancy and training services.


How Can We Help?

Australian Risk Management Solutions has extensive experience working in a range of industries and offers the following services:

  1. Work Health and Safety Risk Management Programs
  2. Risk Assessments
  3. Expert legal assessments

What are the advantages?

An effective Occupational Health and Safety program designed by Ausrisk will:

  1. Reduce work related injuries and illnesses
  2. Cost savings for your business
  3. Assist reducing risks associated with lost productivity


Reduced injury/illness and the consequent reduction in workers compensation claims impact directly on bottom line savings on premiums, improved productivity, positive organsiational culture, improved employee morale and increased commitment.

When it comes to designing and implementing an Occupational Health and Safety/Risk Management program, it is to your advantage to work with Ausrisk.

Our wide range of experience across most industries including mining, service, government and retail guarantees the design of a program to best meet your organisation's needs.